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Navta was part of the team that created a robust custom Content Management System that delivers highly unusual electives to high school students no matter where they live. Zulama plans on changing the world of education one student at a time.

Although a roster of classes like Video Game Academy, Horror Fiction Writing, and Crime Scene Forensics might not be out of place in a college or university, they are nearly nonexistent in most high-schools…until now. Zulama is delivering courses like these to high school students around the country and allowing them to connect with each other regardless of their school district or geographic location.

The caliber of these courses is often accelerated, but the CMS was designed to connect students in order to maximize individual performance and success. The CMS delivers compelling and challenging content that can be updated as often as the author or any participating teacher cares to. The result is an ever-changing group of highly sought after classes that engage students and relieves schools of the burden of excess staffing concerns.