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Navta Experience Planning is a full service tool for companies and marketers to highlight a specific product, place, or talent through video, photography, and incredible storytelling that captures the essence and scale of the experience. Nothing is too technical for our experts. Nothing is too elaborate for our team.

Buckland is a series of dinner parties for between 12 and 18 people. The primary purpose of these dinners is to highlight seasonal ingredients and the farmers and artisans who produce the amazing products and foods used. The resulting collateral creates a foundation for a host of deliverables including video, photography, print, and merchandising.

The secondary purpose of Buckland is to highlight Navta’s unique ability to set the stage and tell a compelling story no matter the subject. We aim to offer this same kind of content production and strategy to those in the hospitality, food, and entertainment industries. Artisans and restaurateurs can highlight a product, ingredient, talent, or location using our unique lens and our agricultural contacts. The resulting collateral is memorable, efficient, and beautiful.

The first installment of Buckland was called Utility. Held in the late spring of 2011, guests were charged with the task of bringing two culinary surprises. The hosts provided a full pantry and a whole lamb. Local farmers brought a container of what they had on hand, which included rhubarb, nettles, mixed lettuces, radishes, peas, and two varieties of sausage made hogs raised on the farm. A menu was created on the first night with a few adjustments and additions throughout the weekend.

Buckland is not just a place, but a way of doing things. The resulting documentation serves to support and exemplify this ideology.