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Navta performed a total overhaul and rebrand of the Boring experience complete with a company renaming, a new website, printed collateral, and a social-media campaign. Revenue is up 50% to date.

Beginning with very little collateral and practically no visual identity, Navta was able to identify key strengths and weaknesses in the Boring brand, and create a clean and streamlined logo that took cues from the company’s century old headquarters (a refurbished barn built by the senior partner's uncle). The logo gave Navta a comfortable place to begin full-scale branding efforts with the firm. The printed collateral is efficient and elegant, appealing to their stalwart retainer clients as well as the newer clients who have come on board during the last year.

The name itself is, well, let’s just say it’s special. Bringing it front and center was key to the success of the rebrand. When we first sat down with the senior partners more than a year ago, we asked them what they hoped to accomplish through the process. One of the founders looked at our team and said, “I’d like revenue to increase by 50 percent.” A year later, we seem to have delivered on that goal. We created a memorable web and print experience that reflects the company's history and its future.

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